Switching to Full Version

It's impotant to use genuine software

Using pirated or cracked software may expose your computer to increased security risks including virus, worms and other malicious software. Many pirated or cracked software may contain virus and malicious software.

When you purchase our product you get:
* Best protection against all threats via USB storage
* Prevent your valuable files from loss
* Each license is permanent
* Free Updates
* Superior Support (such as restoring the password)

You can press the button 'Purchase Online' to make an online secure purchase, and receive a license code.

If you have already paid the software and received your license code, click the button 'Activate Product' to open a new window where you can register your license number - enter your license code into the respective field and confirm by pressing the Register button.

Having registered the correct license code, your program will switch to the full version.


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