You can click the "Settings" button to open the setting dialog.


Create Password

If you did not create the password of USB Disk Security, you can input a new password to "New Password:" and confirm your password again. You can not empty your password after you create a password. Please note that we never know your password and only you know the password of USB Disk Security. We currently only provide the services to our customers If you have forgotten your password, So, please provide us your license code or order email if you forgot your password.

Modify Password

You can modify your password by inputting your old password and input a new password of USB Disk Security.

Change Language

USB Disk Security supports multi languages. If USB Disk Security has your language, it can automatically detect your Windows system's language and show your language. You can manually change to another language that you may be familiar with.

Note: If you only want to change the software's language, you do not need to input your password.

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