System Tools

Click System Tools button in USB Disk Security and you will see the window of System Tools. It provides 3 useful features which can help you to more safely use your PC.

Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup can delete unnecessary files and malicious programs that stay in the temporary internet directory. Please click Start Clean to clean your disk.

Repair Registry

Repair Registry can restore a set of settings in your registry, which are frequently changed by malware. This feature can restore the homepage of Internet Explorer to which is the official website of Microsoft, because the homepage may be modified by malware.

The items restored are listed below:
"Restore Folder Options"
"Restore My Documents"
"Restore Recent documents"
"Restore History"
"Restore Favorites"
"Restore Help"
"Restore Search"
"Restore Run"
"Restore Log Off"
"Restore Turn Off Computer"
"Restore Control Panel"
"Restore Taskbar and Start"
"Restore Windows Update"
"Restore Active Desktop"
"Restore File menu"
"Restore Network Drive"
"Restore Web View"
"Restore Desktop Icon"
"Restore Network Neighbor"
"Restore Internet Icon"
"Restore Right Click"
"Restore Printer"
"Restore Drive"
"Restore AutoRun"
"Restore Run program"
"Restore Regedit"
"Restore Show hidden files and folders"
"Restore extensions for file type"
"Restore Internet Explorer"
"Restore notepad"

Autostart List

Most of the malicious programs add themselves automatically to the start-up registry entry. You can disable autostart of the selected programs, then the programs will not auto-run when Windows system starts. Be careful when you disable the autostart of some programs.

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