USB Scan

Click the button 'USB Scan' to show the dialog.

  • Scan - You can click the Scan button to scan your USB drives. Once a scan is finished, and some suspicious files have been found, you can delete them.
  • Stop - Click the button to stop the scan.
  • Delete - You can select the suspicious threats to delete.
  • Delete All - Click the button to delete all the threats.

USB Vaccine

Click the USB Vaccine button to show the dialog.

  • Computer Vaccination - Vaccinating your computer can disable the autorun feature, and prevent some malware from auto-executing on your computer from USB drives.
  • USB Vaccination - You can click "Vaccinate USB" to prevent you from inadvertently transmitting malware to/from other computers where you insert your USB drives. The function would copy a special folder - AUTORUN.INF to your USB drives. The folder does not do harm to your USB drives and it can not be deleted. This feature can prevent virus from generating an AUTORUN.INF file on your USB drives which can automatically launch the malware.
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