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Zbshareware Lab, as a professional security software developing company also a technology service provider. We develop, produce and distribute information security solutions that protect our customers from IT threats and allow enterprises to manage risk. We provide products that protect information for home users and enterprises and offer consulting services and technical support.

Zbshareware Lab is powered by a dedicated team of professionals from a variety of diverse, yet complementary disciplines in order to develop, publish and support leading security and system software for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. We are a fast growing company with dedicated R&D Teams helping us to remain competitive leader in the product we release.

Our product and services are used by millions of people, with registered customers in over 80 countries. Our product is actively used by individual users, small businesses, non-profit and community organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, right through to a number of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies.

Affiliates and Partners
Zbshareware Lab has established partnerships with some of the world's leading media and technology companies. New prospective partners are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential opportunities with Zbshareware Lab.

Awards and Recommendations
Our customers are from over 80 countries and regions in the world. They are very satisfied with our product and services, and we acquire a high appraisement from them. Meanwhile, USB Disk Security is highly recommended by many famous downloading websites and obtains many medals.
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