Protection Status

Safe Web Navigation lists and categorizes popular web sites in different countries. All the sites were checked for safety by multi antivirus engines. When you click "Safe Web Navigation", it will open your default browser to visit our safe site.

Data Loss Prevention

When you click the button, it will show the window of data protection.

Automatic update

USB Disk Security provides automatic update and you do not need to run the update module manually.

Update manually

When you click the button, it would run the update program. If you are using Vista or later, you will see a window and please allow the update program to run. The program will begin to check for the updates. If updates are available, the program will open a window to download the updates.

Please click "Next" to start downloading the updates.

After downloading, the update program will install the updates. You may need to restart your PC after updating.

Note: Please don't use proxy server (Settings in Internet Explorer) with username and password to update our programs.

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